Knowing that xiaodaijia was poor and couldn't afford to build a house, Cuihua borrowed some money from her aunt, who was the director of the women's Federation in the city, and privately gave xiaodaita his mother to build a house quickly. Xiaodai cried for several days and said that his family's Fengshui was good. Just when all the people are glad for xiaodai (and of course many young people are jealous), xiaodai says surprisingly: why should I marry her? I haven't seen Kingfisher at all! People were shocked. For a while, people in the village said everything. Some said that xiaodai was really stupid. Where to find such a good daughter-in-law? Some said that xiaodai had ambition! We poor people should have the backbone of the poor. People like the village head should kill him! As for Wang xiaodai's own mind, outsiders don't know. Even xiaodai cried and cried for three days without eating or drinking. Xiaodai didn't say anything else but three words: no idea! The village head is so angry that his teeth are itchy. My daughter, the flower girl, can't you see it. Where can I put my face? In the future, as long as I am the village head, I will have a good look at you Wang xiaodai! After two days of crying in bed, Cui Hua's mother asked her aunt to help introduce a newly divorced director to the city for fear of her daughter's accident. On the day of Cuihua's wedding, it rained a little and got wet with the red cover of Cuihua. Xiaodaima closed the door at home and cried and swollen her eyes. And xiaodai, hiding on Qinglong mountain, didn't come back until night. Do you think Wang xiaodai is a famous person in the mountain village?